3 comments on “Why PR Professionals Need to Understand Social Media

  1. Great post, Robert!

    Of course, also being a young PR pro, you don’t need to convince me of the benefits of social media to both a personal or organizational brand. In just the last few years, one can see from TV and print ads how so many companies are incorporating their social media marketing into their traditional marketing efforts – as they should be. Why? Because it’s effective.

    Great stats here that back up and defend the fact that new media is NOT a fad. As I’ve mentioned to many pessimists myself, even if Facebook and Twitter fade away, new sites will come along. It’s not the sites that have taken over the world, it’s the concept of everyone sharing news in a way that makes it so easy that even a caveman can do it…and yes, Geico is all over social media!

    However, what I also like to mention is that organizations should not get involved in social media sites just to keep up with the Jones’. In order to be most effective, talented and knowledgeable staff members need to know how to set-up the pages PROFESSIONALLY and also keep them fresh. There is nothing worse then a Twitter page that tweets once a month or a Facebook page which has photos from a half year ago. It has to be kept relevant or else fans, aka key publics, will not pay attention.

    I look forward to more posts and tweets from you. Thanks for sending along your link!

    PS. Absolutely LOVE the design and layout of this WordPress blog! Great job. Check mine out at thomasjarmitage.com.

  2. Well said, Robert! The best part is your incorporation of metrics to support your underlying points. I think it’s clear that social media is a new toolset in the field, one with which it behooves professionals to adopt–quickly.

  3. Thanks for the feedback, guys. Thomas, you’re exactly right: one of the most disheartening sights in the world is a Twitter page collecting dust. Social media is a real COMMITMENT, and many people don’t understand that until it’s too late.

    Ed, glad you liked the stats. Figured it would catch people’s attention, and it looks like it did. I appreciate you two supporting my blog, and I look forward to seeing future comments as insightful as these.

    – Robert

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