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A Video Introduction to PR & New Media Today

January 16, 2011 Leave a comment

The thought recently occurred to me — although many of you have been with me since last May when I began this blog, each day, new readers visit here. I’d like to make sure that my blog series has a proper introduction that fits my posts into a context relevant to not only PR professionals, but to anyone using social media. So if you’re here for the very first time, watch the following video, then read this post. Thanks again for visiting and make sure to subscribe!

My 10 Picks for 2010′s Top Social Media Posts

December 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Over the course of the past year, I’ve read dozens of good (and bad) blog posts and news articles on social media, the field of public relations, and how the two are converging more each day. As 2010 comes to a close, I share with you a list of some of the best posts on the two that I’ve come across, so that you can read through and glean some information to take with you into 2011.

I compiled this list from an assortment of social media sites and personal websites that I frequent in my spare time. After you give these a read, head to the comments section and post an article or two that you found particularly useful. (Or if you want, ten is fine too.)

So here are my 10 picks for 2010′s top articles on social media: (in no particular order)

• How Web 3.0 Will Impact Social Media and PR

- Provides an intriguing look at the future of the social Internet, and how it will directly impact the landscape of the PR world. The author even provides a handy-dandy video to illustrate what Web 3.0 might look like.

• Study: 84% Dont Measure Social Media ROI

- This article helps to put into perspective just how ignorant so many marketers are when it comes to properly using social media to reach their goals. Don’t know what “ROI” is? …Great reason to read the article.

• 52 Cool Facts About Social Media

- The presentation of this article is just flat-out cool. Lots of great, little-known information about SM here.

40 Useful Things You Can Share on Twitter Besides Blog Posts

- Just like the title says. Many of us get so caught up in shoving our latest blog posts down our Twitter followers’ throats, that we forget there are countless other gifts we can share with our readers. This article brainstorms several ways to change up the pace of your tweeting.

57 Social Media Policy Examples and Resources

- I like this article because it lists out various companies’ approaches to social media. This post would be especially helpful to someone recently put in charge of developing a social media policy for his or her company.

• Extensive List of Over 30 Enterprise 2.0 Case Studies and Reports

- Theories are one thing, but the proof is in the pudding. If you’re a “case studies” kind of person, this post gives you plenty — and then some!

• How do You Attract More Clients Using Social Media Marketing?

- A solid read, all-around. Primarily focused with social media marketing, in terms of attracting more clients and measuring effectiveness of your SM efforts.

• 8 Traits You Should Look for in a Community Manager

- Looking at things from the hiring manager’s point-of-view, this post details the essential traits that any social media director or community manager should have to supplement his or her skill set. Especially if you’re looking to get hired to do social in the near future, give this a read.

• Facebook, Twitter Access through Mobile Browser Sees Triple-Digit Growth

- Can’t make a list compiling the best articles in social media without mentioning mobile platforms. And yes, that title reads “triple-digit growth.” ‘Nuff said.

100+ Smart Ways to Use Linkedin

- I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: if you’re a professional working within the field of PR and you claim to “get” new media, you need to be on Linkedin. This article essentially serves as a jumping point for newbies, linking to dozens of other well-written articles that offer best-practice advice on fully utilizing all the site has to offer.

So, there you have it: my top ten choices for the best articles on social media of the year. Give them a read when you get a chance; I’m sure you’ll find something of value here.

And now, it’s your turn…

Share your thoughts: Are there any great articles that you didn’t see on my list? If so, share a link below.

9 Nuggets of Advice for Aspiring PR Pros

November 5, 2010 1 comment

Although I’ve recently graduated from college, I’ve been in the field of public relations for some time now, having gotten valuable experience working with several businesses and non-profit organizations. Over the last several years, I’ve seen quite a bit of both good and bad. I’ve witnessed — and made — mistakes that have taught me valuable lessons for the future, and I’d like share these with anyone considering a career in PR, or as reminders to even the more seasoned industry professionals. I’ll post nine today, and nine next week.

So here are 9 nuggets of advice for aspiring PR practitioners:

1 ) Know upfront: hand-holding won’t happen. PR is a fast-paced field. Don’t expect that your colleagues will hold your hand or spoon-feed you your work in bite-sized chunks. It’s true, you’re a team, but you still need to keep up with the pack. When you get your first job in public relations, you might not get the chance to only dip your feet in; it’s quite possible that you’ll be thrown in headfirst. Anticipate this and plan from Day 1 to work hard. Be prepared and fully commit yourself.

2 ) Be outgoing. If you’re the slightest bit anti-social, this career path most likely isn’t the right choice for you. You will need to talk to people. Why? Because when it all comes down to it, you are a professional communicator. You’ll need to discuss client expectations and what steps you plan to take to meet them. You’ll need to be able to hold down a basic conversation, listen, ask questions, engage and show a little personality every once in a while.

3 ) Do yourself a favor: learn the utility and format of a press release. Please. Whether you believe it or not, knowing this information will form the backbone of everything you do going forward. Not understanding how to write a press release is like trying advanced algebra without understanding the basic concept of variables. Also, make sure you know how to write a social media press release (I promise you, there’s a difference).

4 ) Deadlines are crucial. While working in PR, you may not have to write a hard news story by a 1am deadline for the local Gazette like a journalist world, however, there will be times that you’re handed a task, with expectations of, “It needs to be done yesterday.” Even if it annoys you, remember: there’s most likely a reason that the deadline is so strict; it must be important. Be excited that you get so much responsibility, take ownership of the task and find a way to get it done with a minimal  amount of whining.

Thou shalt meet deadlines. Thou shalt not whine (audibly, at least).


5 ) Plan ahead, and for the worst. Nine out of ten of your clients might be unprepared for a meeting with you, but every single one will want the work done anyway. So make it easy on yourself, and plan ahead where you can.

6 ) Excellent customer service is not just for fast-food restaurant chains; if your clients are consistently dissatisfied with the way you do business, talk to them, etc… Rest assured that you won’t have that PR job long. Go the extra mile, and make sure that every person you work with is taken care of. Even if you can’t make miracles happen, you can try. Most clients will appreciate your efforts. (Some won’t, and that’s okay too. There will be rude clients… you still need to be professional, though.)

7 ) Help others. Take a genuine interest in making sure that those you work with, and work for, have what they need to be successful. Make someone else’s job easier, and they’ll most likely do the same in return for you.

8 ) New media is here to stay, whether you like it or not. You can be tired of new media all you want… When you’re not at work. Utter the words “I’m sick of it” in the office, and you’re as good as out the door. Show me a PR company recruiter who’s not interested in getting their hands on a social media guru, and I’ll show you a recruiter who’s on his or her way out the door him/herself. The Internet and new media are shaping the field of public relations.

9 ) By the same token, know when to put down the new media. I’ve already stressed the importance of knowing how to use social media, but in the same breath, it’s also key to know when to put it down. Facebook and Twitter is not the end-all, be-all of PR; not right now, at least. Remember, social media is a tool, not crutches.

…So there you have it, nine golden nuggets of advice that have helped me to survive in the PR world this long. Hopefully you find them as useful as I have. Make sure to check back next week, when I follow-up and post nine more. Now it’s time to share your thoughts:

Agree? Disagree? What advice would you offer to young and aspiring PR pros? Weigh in and post a comment below.